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Realtors vCards Software- Digital Business Card for Realtors Only

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All In One Realtor's CRM System wth a Digital Business Card.

As a Realtor, Be Proud to Make the 1st Great Impression with Your vCard, enable NFC Technology.


Listings Management

Add all your Listings and Sold Properties. Add Open Houses informations, collect Leads and reply to all your clients via your Dashboard.

Information Requests

Manage Information requests directly from your Dashboard. Give access to your Assistant to reply to request or set appointments.

Calendar Management

Lets your Agenda get filled with requests from Sellers and Buyers, and get leads for your Business.

Gallery and Testimonials

Activate Gallery and Testimonials, add your Videos, and lets your Business Cards sell for yourself.


Realtor Agents vCard - Digital Business Card Builder for Realtors ONLY

Our Software helps Realtors to Reach their Goals : Getting more Listings and Buyers.


vCard for Realtors - Awesome Templates to choose From

You can modify your Templates and the colors as you wish, without changing any information. Try different Digital vCard Templates as you wished. No limit.

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vCard for Realtors - Add Your Listings

Add your Listings and Services that differentiate your from the Average Realtors, or just specify what you do for a Seller or a Buyer.

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vCard For Realtors - Language Settings

We are international. So if you want to offer your service in English, French or Spanish, you can change you main Language settings, then write your Bio in the Language you select to work.

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vCard for Realtors - Manage Calendar and Requests

Manage your Calendar and requests in your Dashboard. You can even add your Assistant to manage all the info in the Dashboard. Create the role and give them access.

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vCard For Realtors - PWA ACTIVATED

Activate your PWA Code, and lets your clients download your vCard as an App on their Phone. You can modify all info, and the app will be updated instantly. Why you need this: Your clients will throw away your business card, but your App will remains on their Phone for future reference. Try it with our Demo Card 


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Agent vCard- Digital Business Card Builder

Realtors CRM and vCard Platform ONE IN ALL with Low Annual Fee

Real Estate Agent vCard

Made for Realtors by Realtors. We have created our software so that it helps you to get more Leads and more sales.


Multi Languages, namely English, French, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese.We are still trying to make some dashboard changes for countries we have not yet served. For any modification, feel free to contact us.

Themes and Colors variations

21 Themes with Multiple Color Options, and multiple features that you can activate or disactivate, modified the sections, with no limit.

Calendar Syn

2 Ways Google Calendar Syn. Add your Google Calendar id and information to sync with your Google Calendar.

Tracking Pixel

Tracking Pixel configuration - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora, Bing, Google Awards, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Titok integration for Store Pages.

Custon QRCode

Custon QRCodes for Business cards that you can use on all your Advertising, Business cards, Home Signs, NFC Cards, etc. Cookies consent activated with Meta options for SEO

Leads Capture

Request Form for your clients to contact you and ask for more info on your Listings. Get their name and phone and contact them for Listings or sales. 

Progress Web App Options

Last but not Least. PWA Options Activated. If you have never heard about this, let me tell you, that your clients will never remember you again. This option itself is so valuable, that only some Experts know how  its  really value. ITS AN APP WITHIN YOUR VCARD. Do not underestimate this Option. Choose wisely your PLAN.


Realtors.Bio- Digital Business Card Builder

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Realtors Bio Dashboard
Card Analysis
Appointment Analytics
Personalized QR Code
Language Settings
Activate PWA Option

Digital Business Card Plan

How Much Does it Cost You to Print Business Cards that are Thrown away Within 10 Days?

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Free Plan for Realtors

Realtor Test Plan $10/Month

Activate your 10 days Trial. Cancel any time through your Payment Gateway, or send us a request. No Questions asked.

Basic Realtor Plan $45/Year

We offer a NO-REFUND Plan in case you change your mind on our Product. However, in case you want to upgrade, kindly send us a request`sithin 30 DAYS, we will be glad to accommodate your request.

Elite Realtor Plan $75/Year

We offer a NO-REFUND Plan if change your mind. Upgrade within 30 days. Please activate PWA in the Settings and add your information before you start.

Elite Realtor Plan (NORECURRENT) $250/Lifetime

Get your Lifetime Licence Access and Never lose your Clients again. Get your QR Code For Ever, and never Fear to need to reprint everything on your Realtors Signs. BEST DEAL for LIMITED TIME.

Elite Broker Plan $1450/Year

If you are a Broker and want to offer this Program to your Team, with their individual accounts, we can set it up For your Business under a special Subdomain, that we will keep on our Hosting Service. We will take care of upgrading if required. Kindly contact us before purchasing.


Realtors.Bio - Digital Business Card Software for Realtors

Share your Awsome Realtors vCards and Never Lose any prospects again.

Unless you want to continue to carry physical cards on you to your groceries, restaurants, and coffee shops, or running to your Car, when you meet a potential clients, you need this Digital vCard software Technology. Our NFC enable vCard, allows you to carry your vCard on your Phone, and share your NFC cards, with your clients. Heck, nobody carry Payments Cards now. They are all on their phone. So its time for you to share your vCards by Phone. 

We have two major plans. The first plan is for those who do not consider that some of the features that we have are important for their Business. Since it take less Space on our Server, we offer it at a Basic Plan. The Basic plan can be to Mortgage Brokers, or any Brokers that do not have any listings or Products for Sale. They are quite simple Business Card with a QR Code Activated. Can also be used with a NFC enabled technology.

PWA (Progresssive Web App) is a tiny JavaScript code that turns a simple page into an APP. It operates like a Mobile App on any Device. PWA is aimed at delivering, a native-like user experience with speedier conversion and cleaner browsing, even without an internet connection. When activated, your Prospects will be asked to install the app on their phone when they open your vCard, and once it's installed, your Logo or your Picture will be installed as an Icon on the Phone. Whenever the clients want to talk to you, they just have to click on your App, and he will get all your updated information to contact you. (You can change your Phone, your emails, your Broker, your city, and your app will be updated automatically). You never lost contact with any of your past clients and new prospects. 

The Dashboard is really very easy to use. You just go to Settings and add all requested information (Language, color scheme, etc). Then you create your card. Choose a first Template, add all your information, and that's all. Not satisfied with the vCard, just change the template until you are happy. Share your information all over the internet.

The GDPR Cookie is an authenticated one that helps the users to save their personal information in the browser for future online service logins only with their permission. Because the initial log-in process will be skipped and the user will be taken directly to the landing page, this will save time.

Without limiting, here are a list of Features included in the Dashboard.

  • A comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tab.
  • 21 Themes * 5 Color Options (50 variances).
  • QR code available for each business.
  • A professional way to connect in-person meetings, online networking, and virtual events.
  • Modify and update the card as many times as you want without anyone’s dependency.
  • No need for printing and stock maintenance.
  • Easily Drag and Drop of Business Card Layout Section.
  • Easy storage of cards on mobile devices.
  • Appointments Module to schedule timely appointments.
  • The setting of your own along with the Logo.
  • Available in Multiple languages.
  • Custom Fonts by Google.
  • Password Protection to Open Card.
  • Contract Module for Digital Signature on Business Card side.
  • Added GDPR Cookie to make the next visit easier and more useful.
  • Image Uploaded Preview.
  • Each business have a Meta keyword and description for SEO purposes.
  • Each business has Google analysis and Facebook pixel.
  • Subdomain Options to Organize Website.
  • Custom HTML in Business Cards.
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) for easy Accessibility.
  • Email Notification for Creating Appointment.
  • Cardwise Branding Address.
  • Customized settings options for RTL on/off, Primary Color, Sidebar, Layout.
  • Themes Color Setting, Transparent Layout, and Dark Layout under Theme Customizer.
  • Easy changes can be made on the Landing Page.
  • Safe Easy Payment plan (Paypal)

NFC is short for near-field communication, is a Technology that allows devices like Phones and smartwatches to exchange small bits of data with other devices, in short distances. Just the way you tap your payments cards on the Payment processes, you can now use NFC enable Business Cards to transmit your Business info link to your Prospects. You can send them directly to your website, but with our vCard software, your clients get all your info, and can contact you instantly via your phone, and other link that you want to provide. Write your Bio, Testimonials, Post and Listings. You have a real CRM software to manage all your leads.

Our Elite Plan has all the options available that can make some difference for you. You can have your own unique subdomain name for your business card; you can add Listings, Services, Testimonials, Blogs, and one of the Most interesting feature is the PWA Features. This itself is worth 100$ to activate on a Website. So we make it possible for our vCards.  

To be honest, you can buy it on Amazon, or any place you want. You can see a lot of videos on how to program it yourself.  We do not keep a lot of NFC Enable vCard but we create it on Demand (Personalize it for you, contrary to other companies). However, we have ordered some NFC Phone tags, at a low price, that we are offering for Free to our First 100 clients who will purchase our Elite Plan so that they do not need to buy and program all this stuff. We want you to start sharing your vCard links like a Pro and start making your First impression ASAP. Once you purchase, we will contact you to confirm you posting address and we will ship it to you, programmed with your vCard link. Free posting Canada and USA. 

If you are entitled to receive our NFC Phone tags ( Subscription Plan - Elite Realtors), we will program an NFC Phone Tag  for you based on your vCard Link. This link should not be deleted in the future. You can always modify all information. However, our NFC Phone Tag can be re-programmed should you decide to use another link. We will contact you via email to make sure that your Postal address is correct, and we will post it through Canada Post to (USA or Canada). Additional Fee for international Postage. Please allow 30 Days between your Subscription Plan, and Receiving our Gift). Thanks

Cookies allow us to analyse the performance of your Business cards : that is how people get access to your vCard - Phone or website, and from which IP. Without this information, you will not be able to analyse your vCard, and its performances during advertising.


From our Clients

vCard is taking the World like a Storm. Our clients are extremely happy with their Business vCards, and we continue to progress.


Very beautiful templates for my online Advertising. I activated the PWA Code and my clients have now my app on their phone. The best, they can easily see all my activities, new listings, and they can refer me to their families and friends.

Anna from Remax

eXp Realty

The Personalized QRCode is a Must. I add it on all my Physical Business cards, my Brochures, Postcard, Local and online Ads. I even have it printed on my Signs, so that anybody can scan it instantly and call me for more info. I have given access to my assistant, so that she can manage my calls and appointments, while I am on the Go with visiting and listings Properties. So easy Peasy.

Caroline from eXp Realty


The dashboard is very easy to use, and everything is there, and in 10 minutes, I was ready to share my vCard online and Offline. I post my QR code on Local Newspapers, and Online Ads Platform, with no additional cost, and most clients know how to scan a QRCode with their phone, and call me for info. Love it.

Tanya from Realtor.com

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